The HelixileH FLOWER OF LIFE BOARD game is a multi-faceted game of discovery based on the ancient geometry known as the Flower of Life.

The HelixileH project seeks to cultivate compassion and understanding through a forum of voicing ones’ perspective. Through deep listening, we discover our own gifts as well as the gifts of others.

INITIAL INSPIRATION for the game creation

 to facilitate communication between soulmates 

Mid-November evening, 2010. It was two years after the couple had their six-year run. They wished to establish and maintain a new kind of friendship, one that would keep them deeply connected. During one of their phone conversations, an old trigger got activated. They activated the ego, the separate self, the worried one, and just like the old days the energy got tossed back-and-forth from their personal perspectives, neither one of them coming to any realization or understanding of the other truth. This was frustrating and somewhat invalidating for both of them. It was clear that there was a need to create guidelines for, conversations that had the potential or probability of deteriorating into an argument. Since then the HelixileH Project has developed several different methods of utilizing the Flower of Life Boardgame. One such way, being that of incorporating the language of our stories into a somatic experience, another being the blending of the “Thought Distillation Technique” with EFT,and other alchemical processes.

The Flower Of Life boardgame is geared toward an esoteric audience with a drive to expand self-awareness. This motive, has birthed many ways to play the same basic game, each method of play is determined by the demographics of the players and their respective intentions.
This tool is suitable for anyone to utilize. This game of connections is useful anywhere that understanding and communication are vital. Varied Topics of play such as vocabulary, world religions, science and pop culture turn one game into a multifaceted experience.
The FOL board game is currently being played with children, amongst spiritual seekers, and community centers as well as in theraputic enviroments, and interpersonal relationships, bridging of gap between youth and elders, students and teachers, ect.ect
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